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ROSWELL, 2014 - 2015

The Academy Program is the Select Developmental Program for boys’ and girls’ teams from U9 through U12.
Academy Program objectives:
• To eliminate keeping scores and reduce pressure on players and coaches to get results.
• To emphasize individual player development and especially individual technical development. 


Academy Program Benefits:
• Free player movement between teams within the academy program.
• Growing a ‘CLUB’ concept with a club loyalty as opposed to individual team mentality.
• Professional coaches manage all training and games.
• Increased pool of players for older teams with improvement in quality of players.
• A good introduction to ‘Select’ competitive soccer for players transitioning from recreational to select soccer.

Typically the Academy Age groups are comprised of 2-3 teams’ worth of players (16–24 players for U9 & U10; 27-36 players for U11 & U12).  All the players will be practicing at the same fields and times each week.  The players will be split into separate teams for the games and some practices.  U9 & U10 teams play 6v6 and U11 & U12 teams play 8v8.  All Training Sessions and Games will be conducted by a paid professional youth soccer coaching staff.

TIME Commitment:

  • Academy soccer is a One Year Commitment (both fall and spring seasons)
    • Mandatory Team Camp for Boys Academy is July 28 - 31, from 8am-11am
    • Mandatory Team Camp for Girls Academy is July 21 - July 24, from 8am-11am
    • Fall Season is August 4 - December 6.  Spring Season is February 2 - May 14  
      • 2 Training Sessions per week, 1.5 hours each.   
      • Boys Academy Teams practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays
      • Girls Academy Teams practice on Mondays and Wednesdays
      • All Academy Teams practice at WSC (Woodstock Soccer Complex)
      • U9 & U10 Teams practice 5:00-6:30pm
      • U11 & U12 Teams practice 6:30-8pm
      • One game per weekend on Saturday’s, some Sundays (games begin after 1pm)
    • 2-4 tournaments per year per team (full weekends, 2 games on Saturday, 1 or 2 games on Sunday)

The expectation is that the player will attend the majority of practices and games with exceptions for illness, family events or school activities.

Financial Information: here are the costs for the FULL 2014-2015 year:
Financial Commitment Paid to Team Treasurer ($1,160 may vary depending on team tournaments attending)
  • Academy Training Fee: $660 (8 months of Training and Games) 
  • Roswell Soccer Club Membership: $150 per family (must be paid with youngest sibling)
  • Tournaments: $160
  • Miscellaneous fees: $50 (team administration costs)
  • Pre-season team camp fees - $150 per player, includes ball and two practice jerseys(paid even regardless of attending the camp or not).
Financial Commitment Paid to City of Roswell ($196 Resident) ($294 Non-resident)
  • City of Roswell Registration fee is paid in two installments, which half of the fees, $98 or $147, is paid upon intial registration with the City of Roswell.  The second payment is automatically charged on October 1st, which again is $98 or $147.
Uniform Cost ($162) (Bought online through Lloyds soccer)
  • Uniform: 2 game jerseys, 2 game shorts, 2 pairs of game socks, hoodie sweatshirt and team backpack. ALL REQUIRED
Financial Commitment paid to the Team Treasurer will be collected as follow:
1st payment due by June 30: $600 (should be paid at signing night)
2nd payment due August 31: $300
3rd payment due October 15: $260. 
The team treasurer shall reduce the second payment by $150 for each player that has a younger sibling playing Academy Soccer (in other words, each family shall pay the $150 family membership only once and it will be paid to the youngest sibling’s team treasurer).