WEST ROSWELL FIELDS:      770-641-3836 

EAST ROSWELL PARK:          770-594-6508

I will make every effort to e-mail you every time an event is cancelled due to weather. However, always rely on the information provided on the City's Weather Hotline. Regardless of what the weather is doing outside your window, always assume that the activity is still on as scheduled until the Weather Hotline is updated, otherwise. If the announcement on the Hotline is for a past date, or it does not specifically mention the field that our activity is taking place on, then our event is still on as scheduled. Unfortunately, there are times that the RRPD does not close their fields until very close to our start times. In these cases, I apologize in advance, but it is a necessary part of the City's process in keeping as many fields open as possible.


Concerning changes in the weather during our training sessions, it is the City's policy that we stop all activity at the first sign of lightning and wait 20 minutes from the last sign, before resuming our activities.