Aiden Killackey

Name: Aidan Killackey


Birthplace: Roswell, Georgia

Highschool: Lassiter

College: Kennesaw State University

Playing Experience: Roswell Santos and Lassiter High School

Coaching License: National E

Coaching Experience: Camp Coach summer 2018

Coaching at RSC since: Summer 2018

Brief Paragraph about yourself: I’ve been heavily involved with soccer since I started playing at 7, playing competitively since I was 9. I played all four years of high school, and captained the varsity team my senior year. I’ve been working alongside coaches at Roswell since my sophomore year of high school, as well as working towards completing my coaching licensing along the way. I’m attending Kennesaw State University, where I’m working towards a bachelor of science in sport management. I’m proud to be a part of the Roswell Santos family.