Dejo Olateru

Name: Dejo Olateru


Birthplace: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

High School: F.J. Brennan High School (Canada)

College: University of Windsor (Canada)

Playing Experience: College, Semi-pro, Nigeria U20 National Team

Coaching License(s): Canada – Pre-B; USA- F License

Coaching Experience: 4 years coaching in Canada with Tecumseh Soccer Club and Premier Soccer Group (Michigan Gators and Nova FC)

Coaching at RSC since: January 2017

Brief Paragraph about yourself: Born and raised in Canada, moved to Atlanta 2 years ago. I’ve lived in 5 countries (Canada, US, Nigeria, France, & England). I work in Information Technology, but I am passionate about sports (almost all sports), real estate design/architecture, and social development through sports.