2014-2015 Coaching Staff

     Below are the Coaching Assignments for the 2014 - 2015 RSC Season.  Bios for each coach are coming soon which will include information such as coaching licenses, years playing, how long each coach has been coaching, etc..  Those bios will be added as they are received so please check back often if those are of interest to you.  Also, if you have any questions about any coach, please call the RRPD Soccer Department at (770) 641-3706

To email a coach please click on their name, some will link to a bio first.

Boys Coaches                                                                                             Girls Coaches  

U9 Boys Academy                                                                                   U9 Girls Academy

Head: Paul Schwak                                                                                     Head: Jon Akin

2nd: Mo Harruna                                                                                          2nd: George Stokes

U10 Boys Academy                                                                                   U10 Girls Academy

Head: Allan Davie                                                                                      Head: Johnny Jackson

2nd: Quinton Hart                                                                                        2nd: Mo Harruna       

3rd: Chuck Ross                                                                                          3rd: TBD                                                                    

U11 Boys Academy                                                                                    U11 Girls Academy

Head: Chuck Ross                                                                                      Head: Mike Patrick

2nd: Dannelle Lewandowski                                                                        2nd: Jeff Heidt

3rd: Mark Logan                                                                                                  

U12 Boys Academy                                                                                    U12 Girls Academy

Head: Mark Lomas                                                                                      Head: Mike Farnham

 2nd: Kirt Kreutzer                                                                                         2nd: Mo Harruna

 3rd: Alonso Rigg                                                                                           3rd: Kevin Connelly

U13 Classic Blue                                                                                      U13 Athena Blue

Allan Davie                                                                                                 Mark Lomas

U13 Classic Red                                                                                       U13 Athena Red

Nicholas Luscre                                                                                               Quinton Hart                                      

U14 Classic Blue                                                                                     U13 Athena White

Martin Clark                                                                                                        TBD

U15 Classic Blue                                                                                    U14 Athena Blue                

Eduardo Coloma                                                                                         Sharon Loughran

U15 Classic Red                                                                                      U14 Athena Red  

Chris Merhoff                                                                                               Jeff Burch

U16 Classic Blue                                                                                    U14 Athena White

Johnny Jackson                                                                                         TBD

U16 Classic Red                                                                                   U15 Athena Blue

 Mike Patch                                                                                               Chuck Ross

U19 Classic Blue                                                                                      U16 Athena Blue

Chris Merhoff                                                                                              Les Meenan

                                                                                                                U16 Athena Red                                         

                                                                                                                   Mike Patrick

                                                                                                                U17 Athena Blue

                                                                                                                 Eduardo Coloma      


Boys and Girls Goal Keeper Coach

Scott Kirshgessner