Coaching Manuals

RSC is committed to providing a positive soccer experience for its players and you are a very important part of making this happen.

These manuals are designed to give you some basic coaching guidelines and help you understand the developmental needs of the children you are coaching which in turn will hopefully help you have a positive coaching experience also. We feel this approach is better than just presenting you with a book full of drills, kind of like giving you a recipe but not showing you how to cook!! These manuals also incorporates basic guidelines set down by US Youth Soccer.  On the left pane select the appropriate "U" level you are coaching

Throughout the season please take advantage of all the resources that are available to you from the club and this website. 

Please start with these two documents which covers the "Basics" which every player should attempt to master.



If you have any questions about the manual or any other coaching queries please feel free to contact us.