U12 Training Resources

Principles of Youth Coaching 
     Developmentally appropriate activities 
     Clear, concise and correct information 
     Simple to complex progression 
     Safe and appropriate training area 
     Opportunities for players to make decisions 
     Implications for the game 
Game/Activity Checklist 
     Are the activities FUN? 
     Are the players involved in the activities? 
     Is creativity and decision making being used? 
     Is the space appropriate for the age group and number of players? 
     Is the coach’s feedback appropriate? 
     What are the implications for the game? 
U12 Player - Key Factors  
From US Youth Soccer Player Development Model:
  • All children are individuals and should be treated as such.
  • Our society fosters cooperation and competition. Soccer activities can promote these behaviors.
  • Provide the opportunity for each child to participate in challenging, meaningful and varied activities planned to enhance each one’s perceptual motor development and total psychomotor development to his or her fullest capability.
  • Children should be able to choose their own activities as much as possible for responsible decision making.
  • Developmental goals will be met by any of the activities the children may choose.
  • Learning often involves work.
  • The coach and the parents must structure the child’s environment to enhance the development of fitness.
  • The home environment plays an important role in the learning process (cultural patterns).
  • Promote cooperation and fair play; enhance self-worth.
  • Discuss the difference between winning and success, losing and failure (one does not necessarily equate to the other).
  • Conduct training sessions and plan activities that are fun and challenging but also emphasize the importance of skill acquisition within that framework.
  • Apply reinforcement and corrective feedback as necessary.
  • Facilitate a positive learning environment both at training sessions and matches.
  • Educate/develop the whole child/player.
  • Demonstrate technical and tactical skills and how they can be adapted to further the enjoyment of other sports.
  • Encourage participation in general recreation activities and complementary sports.
Keep it simple and FUN!