The Player Pathway at RSC

The Roswell Soccer Club (RSC) offers:
1. Recreational Programs for kids 2-18 years old
2. Academy and Select Programs for kids 6-18 years old
Kiddie Kickers: 2 & 3 years old
Kiddie Kickers is the first step in the RSC Soccer Journey. This program is designed to introduce soccer, increase motor development, and stimulate thinking in a fun and exciting way. The program will either be held inside a gym or outside on a grass field and led by a professional coach.
World Cup Soccer: 4 & 5 years old
World Cup is the second step in the RSC Soccer Journey.  This program will now start to build on the motor skills and techniques learned in the Kiddie Kickers class through fun activities and games during the training session during the week.  This program also introduces the players to games on Saturdays in a non-competitive environment. 
After the first two steps of the RSC journey, the programs begin to break into two categories; Competitive and Non-Competitive.  While you can make choices at later ages as to what category your son/daughter wants to participate in, if they are already living and breathing soccer, the competitive route might best suit that player.
RSC SANTOS - Select Soccer Programs
RSC Santos Jr. Academy: 6 & 7 years old
The Junior Academy Program is designed for the players who love soccer and want more than a recreational soccer experience. Practices and Games are facilitated by the Paid Professional Youth Coaches. Some playing experience is required as this is not a program for New/Begining Players.  
RSC Santos Academy: 8-11 years old
The Academy Program is the Select Developmental Program for boys’ and girls’ teams from U9 through U12.  All training sessions and games are run by professional coaches, travel is required as well as a one year commitment to the team. Tryouts are held for this program in May and you must be selected to a team to participate. 
Santos Select: 12-18 years old (13U-19U)
The Select Program is for players who wish to play competitive level soccer. All teams are coached by Professional Youth Coaches and a one year commitment is required. Tryouts are held for this program in May or June depending on age group and you must be selected to a team to participate. Select teams participate in the Southeastern Clubs Champions League (SCCL) and compete agains Teams primarily located in the Greater Atlanta Area. 
Recreational Program: 6-18 years old
The Recreational Soccer program is a great program for soccer players who love the game and want to continue to play in a less competitive environment.  All practice and games are run by volunteer coaches. Players are placed onto teams based on their age, and they will stay in that age group for the full year. Age groups are divided as follows according to the aging date noted above:
8U (age 6-7 based on birth year)
10U (age 8-9 based on birth year)
12U (age 10-11 based on birth year)
14U (age 12-13 based on birth year)
16U (age 14-15 based on birth year)
19U (age 16-18 based on birth year)