Roswell Recreational Soccer


 What is the Program Objective?

The primary objective of the Recreational program is to enable players to learn the game of soccer in a fun and stimulating environment. The focus is on developing their skills to help them be the best soccer players they can be, while maintaining a healthy approach to competitive soccer.


Who Coaches the Teams?

Our Recreational Program relies on volunteer coaches to coach all of the teams.  Most of these volunteers are parents from within the program, so if you are interested in coaching please let us know.  We have coaching handbooks, equipment and can help you if you have any questions.  Please let us know when you sign up if you are interested in coaching your son/daughters team so we can get you going.  Coaching is a great experience for both you and your child so please consider it!


When are Practices and Games held?

Practices are held Monday through Friday nights, with 1 to 2 practice sessions per week based on age group. There are 1 – 2 games per weekend, usually Saturday and some Sunday afternoons. The U8 – U10 (6 – 10 year olds) will have all of their practices and games in Roswell. The U12 & above will practice and play their home games in Roswell with their away games in Metro Atlanta area. Practices and games will be held at Woodstock, Waller Park Extension, Roswell Area Park, Sweetapple, Grimes Bridge, Northwood and East Roswell Park Soccer fields.

U8 and U10 Boys teams will practice on either Monday or Wednesday (only one practice per week)

U8 and U10 Girls teams will practice on either Tuesday or Thursday (only one practice per week)

U12-U19 Boys and Girls teams will have their practice days decided once they are placed on a team, which is after evaluations.

There are two seasons; Fall and Spring. Fall season is August through November and the Spring is February through May.


What are the Player Age Groups?

Players must fit within the age groups below in order to participate:

 Age        Birth Years

U8          2013-2014                                                                        

U10        2011-2012

U12        2009-2010

U14        2007-2008

U16        2005-2006

U19        2002-2004

Based on player ages, the number of players on the field varies: 

U8s play 4v4 (7 players per team)

U10s play 7v7 (10 players per team)

U12s play 9v9 (13 players per team)

U14 - U19 play 11v11 (14-18 players per team)


What Equipment Do Players Need?

All players need to bring a soccer ball (inflated) and a water bottle to all practices and games. They must wear shin guards with soccer cleats or sneakers. Also, players must where their uniforms to all games. Each player will receive one jersey, one short and one pair of socks at the start of the year. The uniforms are used during the Fall and Spring seasons and only new players joining a team at the start of the Spring season will receive new uniforms.


What are the Program Fees?

The fee for the program is paid through the City of Roswell and covers all playing costs including their uniforms. The Fall 2020 fees are:

Residents: $120 and Non-Residents: $180 on or before 07/24/20

Residents: $130 and Non-Residents: $195 after 07/24/20



Season Calendar

FallSeason Dates:
  • Evaluations             August 8th (Time and field information will be provided a week before  evaluations)
  • Practice Begins       The week of August 17th
  • Games Begin           September 12th
  • Games End              Mid November


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Need More Information?

For Questions contact  Jason Kearney,, Anon Rowland, or call 770-641-3706.