RSC Players Join ODP

CONGRATULATIONS to the following RSC SANTOS players that have been selected for the Georgia Olympic Development Program (ODP) State Teams for the 2011-2012 Season. 

Lori Brayton - 1997 Girls GA ODP State Team.  Lori is an exceptional Center Back for the Santos U15 Girls ’97 Blue Team Coached by Les Meenan.  Lori has been with RSC for 10 years and is a Freshman at Roswell High School where she was recently selected for the JV Team and holds a 3.83 GPA.  Lori is an avid fan of Real Madrid and enjoys participating in an EPL Fantasy Football League.     
Katherine Asman - 2000 Girls ODP State Team.  Katherine is an outstanding Goal Keeper that plays for the Santos U12 Girls ’00 Academy Program under Coach Mark Lomas and she has been at Roswell Soccer Club for four years.  Katherine attends Elkins Pointe Middle School where she is a straight A Student and also plays for the Roswell HS Jr Hornets Basketball Team.  Katherine is also a Black Belt in Karate (Strikers bewars!)   
Katie MacDonald - 1999 Girls ODP State Team.  Katie is a fantastic midfielder that plays for the Santos  U12 Girls ’00 Academy Program for Coach Mark Lomas and has been at Roswell Soccer Club for four years.  Katie has an A average at Fulton Science Academy and she also plays for the Roswell High School Jr Hornets Basketball program and is an active member of her Church Youth Group.
Berk Watson - 1999 Boys GA ODP State Team.  Berk is a magnificent Goal Keeper for the Santos  U12 Boys ’00 Academy Program for Coach Chris Merhoff.  Berk has been with RSC for 5 years and he attends Holcomb Bridge Middle School where he is an A Student and also enjoys participating in Wrestling, Rugby and Swimming. 
What is ODP?
The Olympic Development Program (ODP) was created by US Soccer around 25 years ago for two purposes:

1) To identify national team players early, at the youth level.
2) To provide development opportunities for these potential national team players.

To this day, these two core purposes, namely, IDENTIFY and DEVELOP for the national team, have not changed. However, many players have also come to associate ODP with improved opportunities for playing college soccer and getting college scholarships. This is because many college coaches work on ODP staff at the state, regional, and national levels and also most college coaches scout players at ODP events. College coaches consider a player’s participation in ODP as an indicator of talent and soccer ambition.
(For more information on the GA ODP Program please go to and click on ODP.)